Bakrajo Tower

Elegance in Elevation: A 25-Floor Tower Redefining Modern Living


1. Ascend to Excellence:

Discover a 25-floor tower that redefines luxury living. Each floor unveils eight meticulously crafted apartments, a testament to our commitment to sophisticated design. Our architectural approach transcends convention, maximizing the project’s utility while seamlessly merging with the contours of Barajas hills.

2. Panoramic Perspectives:

Marvel at the unrivaled views that our design affords residents. Positioned to embrace the natural beauty of Sulaymaniyah, each apartment is a private sanctuary with a breathtaking panorama.

The thoughtful integration with the landscape ensures a harmonious coexistence between urban living and the serene surroundings.

3. Elevated Living: Where Business Meets Leisure

An architectural symphony unfolds as our residential tower graces the summit of a dynamic business center. This symbiotic relationship brings a multitude of entertainment options, including a spa, market, and convenient parking.

The fusion of residential and commercial elements enhances the overall lifestyle experience, creating a haven where work and leisure seamlessly coalesce.

4. Design Beyond Boundaries:

Distinguished by a deliberate separation of components, our tower isn’t just a structure; it’s a masterpiece. The meticulous division contributes to an elegant and visually captivating design, ensuring that each residence stands as a unique entity.

This thoughtful approach doesn’t merely create a building; it crafts an experience, where every detail serves a purpose in the grand tapestry of sophisticated living.

Bakrajo District, Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
1650 m2
Services :
Concept Design: Exterior Design and Project Plans