Concrete Elegance

A Unique Office Design for a Ready-Mix Concrete Company

In the world of office design, one project exemplifies innovation. Fueled by the owner’s vision, led by Alan Rauf, and centered around concrete, this design redefines the modern workplace with distinctive aesthetics and ingenious architectural choices.


1. A Fresh Office Vision:

In the world of office design, there’s a standout project driven by the owner’s dream and guided by Alan Rauf, head of the Architecture Unit at Mariwan Bureau. This project reimagines modern workplaces, focusing on the versatile use of concrete.

2. Concrete Harmony: The Key Idea:

The owner envisioned a top-notch office for their concrete company, and Alan Rauf and the Mariwan Bureau team set out to make it unique. They chose concrete not just for its strength but also for its cool look. Overcoming challenges, they crafted concrete slabs that showcase both toughness and style, becoming the defining element for the entire design.

3. Attention to Detail: Making it Special:

What sets this project apart is the meticulous attention to small details. Each part inside the office is specially designed, creating a cohesive and stylish environment. Instead of uniformity, individual offices stand out with unique colors, adding a touch of personality to the entire space.

4. Smart Design: Dividing and Defining:

The office is cleverly split into three sections—Administration, Managers Department, and the reception area. Connecting lines between these sections add a touch of grandeur. The intentional difference in height at the entrance makes it warm and inviting, with each section serving a specific purpose.

5. Ingenious Systems: Underneath Innovations:

Smartly placing machines like heaters and coolers under the building ensures a neat exterior. Each office has its own distinctive colors, contributing to an overall sense of uniqueness.

6. A Fusion of Creativity and Practicality:

In conclusion, this concrete office project blends creativity with practicality. With concrete as the star, unique designs, and smart choices, it sets a new standard for workspaces, making it a truly cool place to work.


This innovative ready-mix concrete office stands as a testament to the seamless marriage of creative aesthetics and practicality. With concrete as its core element, custom design details, and ingenious structural and design choices, it sets a new standard for distinctive and inviting workplace environments. The project’s careful attention to both form and function has resulted in a truly unique and exceptional corporate office space.

Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Over 2000 m2
Architecture Design Concept & Construction Supervision