Modern Heights

Contemporary Elegance, Innovative Designs, and Sustainable Living


1. Services in Sulaimaniyah Heights:

Mariwan Bureau for Engineering Consultancies offers comprehensive services in the luxurious Sulaimaniyah Heights district. Our design philosophy optimizes accessibility by strategically utilizing sloping ground, discreetly placing garages and basements, and elevating residences to the main street level.

2. Contemporary Architectural Style:

Our architectural design embraces contemporary conditions, featuring clean lines, geometric shapes, and open, fluid spaces that seamlessly connect with the surrounding environment. Integration of technology, use of industrial materials, and a strong emphasis on sustainability characterize our approach.

3. Dynamic Modern Façade:

Breaking from convention, our building boasts a dynamic modern façade with distinct, minimalist elements, showcasing innovation and sleek design.

4. Greenery-Enveloped Avant-Garde Design:

Harmoniously integrating with surrounding greenery, our avant-garde design features lush gardens on various levels, enveloping the entire building.

5. Expansive Interiors:

Maximizing living spaces within confined areas, our design redefines luxury living with opulent, sprawling rooms.

6. Avant-Garde Modernity:

Pioneering contemporary styles internationally, our bureau breathes new life into the neighborhood, introducing groundbreaking architectural concepts.

7. Smart Infrastructural Elegance:

Our design integrates cutting-edge smart house systems, offering remote control over lighting, sound, and functionality for enhanced convenience and efficiency.

8. Premium Material Selection: Crafted Excellence:

Carefully sourced materials from esteemed German and Italian companies ensure superior quality and sustainability, redefining luxury with an eco-conscious approach.

8. Empowering Tomorrow: Pioneering Sustainable Energy Solutions:

With two decades of expertise, our partnership with German firms secures energy independence, reducing maintenance costs and environmental impact. Embracing natural light and heat minimizes reliance on external energy sources, championing core sustainability principles.