Third villa among the three magnificent buildings nestled in the Ali Naji Neighborhood

Architectural Renaissance: Reshaping Sulaimanyah’s Landscape and Sustainability


1. Strategic Site Integration for Optimal Light and Airflow

Our site analysis harmonizes with Sulaimanyah’s architectural legacy, strategically utilizing the terrain’s features. By optimizing accessibility through sloping ground, garages and basements discreetly coexist, elevating residences to the main street level. This strategic positioning not only maximizes natural light but also facilitates seamless airflow.

2. Tailored Elegance and Ventilation Precision

Embarking on a transformative journey in Sulaimanyah’s opulent district, our project redefines the skyline with contemporary elegance. Meticulously crafted villas in Ali Naji showcase innovative design, transforming the neighborhood into a vibrant haven.

3. Abundant Natural Light

Despite neighboring structures, our design ensures abundant natural light permeates every corner, enhancing energy independence. The careful ventilation system, a cornerstone of our eco-friendly approach, ensures a continuous supply of fresh air while minimizing energy waste. This precision in ventilation contributes to a comfortable and sustainable living environment.

4. Dynamic Modern Facade and Green Integration

A departure from convention, our building features a dynamic modern facade with distinct, stacked components. Lush gardens envelop 50% of the structure, showcasing avant-garde design and harmonious integration of greenery. This green integration further enhances the overall ambiance and contributes to the optimization of natural elements.

5. Customized and Expansive Interiors and Smart Infrastructural Elegance

Within confined spaces, opulent rooms redefine luxury living. Cutting-edge smart house systems provide remote control over lighting, sound, and functionality, enhancing convenience and efficiency. The customization of interiors ensures a personalized and indulgent living experience, tailored to individual preferences.

6. Premium Quality and Sustainability

Carefully sourced materials from German and Italian companies redefine luxury with an eco-conscious approach. Quality and sustainability are paramount, championing core principles in material selection. This commitment to premium quality extends to every facet of the design, contributing to a sustainable and customized living space.


Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
400 m
Supervision: Concept, Full Package and Implementation Supervision